Large bears can still be found in the forests of The Great Mountains, but they are fairly rare. Captain Schmelli's Good Time Bear Spray is used to defend against bear attacks.


Domestic cats are a common in The Accord.


Chickens are still kept in The Accord for their eggs, meat and feathers.


Several species of crab live in the Only River and are harvested for their meat and shells.


Crickets are raised for food all around The Accord. They are the primary ingredient of Sticky Cricket Drinking Sauce.


The people of The Accord keep a variety of dog breeds specialized for different tasks. Notably, the people of Dustown keep spitehounds to maintain their ongoing feud.

Firetrap BuzzardEdit

A large desert vulture that cooks its prey in wildfires. These birds have been observed transporting burning brush to spread grassfires and flush out prey.


The Only River hosts a variety of freshwater fish.


A large reptile bred throughout The Accord for meat. In Dustown, iguana droppings are used as fertilizer to convert the Dusty Waste into arable land.

King RattlesnakeEdit

A massive, three-stride-long snake with a rattling tail and a venomous bite.


Pigs are ancient animals who went extinct in The Accord. They are remembered for being dirty and delicious.


The Accord's primary work and food animal. Pony-brusher is an honourable and much sought after profession.

Prickly PineEdit

A small desert plant that is lethally poisonous in its mature form, but has tasty and nutritious shoots as a young plant.

Razor GeckoEdit

A small lizard with razor-sharp scales along its back. Females carrying eggs swell up to three times their normal size when they are carrying eggs. These eggs are edible.

Screech OwlEdit

A small owl with a distinctive, trilling call.


Many plants are collected in The Accord for their use as herbs and spices. These include beanroot, bittergrass, red higgins, and succulent bitterwort.


A rodent with a barbed tail that produces a toxic venom. They can grow up to a stride long.


The main crop of Bandolier. Stinksprouts are a large, nutritious plant that make up the majority of calories eaten in The Accord. Despite their name, they have a sweet smell.


Trees are rare in The Accord, found mostly in the fertile area around Bandolier and in the dangerous Great Mountains. The inhabitants of The Accord get along without trees as a resource by cleverly making due with alcohol, bone and tar from the Bill's Pit Tar Pits.


A flying insect with an abdomen full of phosphorescent liquid. They use these lights for mating.


A hearty desert bush. The roots are harvested to make Feldman's Chewin' Root.

Water NutEdit

An aquatic vegetable that used to grow in the shallows of the Only River. It was desperately over-harvested in the early days of The Accord and is now thought to be extinct.