Abnormal DevotionalEdit

Performed by: Brother Mathias

Brother Mathias is on a mission to convert all of The Accord to the Abnorms' bizarre religion. He is often met with mild resistance from The Chief and constant bad luck.

Biography in ProfileEdit

Performed by: Hannah Hawk

Hannah interviews people from around The Accord. The Council of Elders demands that she do this show in order for them to give her time on the broadcast tower to do The Hawk Report.

Folklore with BillieEdit

Performed by: Billie Daniels

Billie shares the stories and songs of The Accord as part of the Council of Elders' Cultural Support Initiative. He is often accompanied by musician Ramblin' Jack.

The Hawk ReportEdit

Performed by: Hannah Hawk

Hannah takes a deeper look into the news of the day. Her view is suspicious and unnecessarily combative.

Human RepairEdit

Performed by: XT-3000

The ancient robot XT-3000 gives psychological help to the people of The Accord with this advice call-in show. XT-3000 is very overconfident in her understanding of the human mind.

The News / Community AnnouncementsEdit

Performed by: The Chief

The Chief keeps The Accord updated with up-to-the-minute news and events. These segments also include The Chief using the broadcast tower to interact with the Jet Pack Cops.

Tech Talk/Olden WaysEdit

Performed by: Tepa Raslav and Horrace Yusif

Villagers bring their pre-End relics to Tepa and Horrace to evaluate and appraise. Tepa and Horrace are not fond of each other and their interpretations of pre-End history are often wildly mistaken.

Winterbody's Wasteland WisdomEdit

Performed by: Dick Winterbody

Dick teaches listeners how to keep alive with disgusting tips and horrifying stories.